"... with the show benefiting from a particularly fine comic performance from Wendy Shapero."

- Los Angeles Times

"This musical hits all the right notes. This was most realized by scene-stealer Wendy Shapero who plays Clara Belle, the love struck goof ball. Ms. Shapero adds a sense of mischief to her character that keeps you locked on her whenever she is on stage."

- SoCal

"Heading the comic relief in the excellent cast is Wendy Shapero, whose facial expressions and body language would be admired by Rene Auberjonois, one of the great American Moliere interpreters."




"One of the standout performances of the film comes from Wendy Shapero as Leigh Ann. She will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Here, too, is a character that should have felt very stereotypical, yet never does."

- Influx Magazine

"The comedy of Shapero is an absolute delight, with the adorable Shapero getting laughs just by opening her mouth and letting go with Clara Belle’s pip-squeak of a voice."

- StageScene LA

"Wendy Shapero's is cute as a

Goldie Hawn-like Eve."

- Los Angeles Times